Dr Mic McMullen

Author of 'Natures Healing Powers'

Doctor (PhD)
Medicinal Herbalist (NHAA)
Psychologist (UNSW)
Naturopath (SNLF)
Nutritionist (NMTF)


Who is Dr Michael McMullen

Dr. Mic McMullen has specialist expertise in natural medicine

He received his doctorate at Westminster University in London. His research includes the effect of herbal medicine on autonomic nervous systems and blood circulation.

He is an internationally recognized expert in herbal medicine and is included in many academic reference books & has published research results in scientific journals

  • Read his - Live blood analysis and Phrase free radical analysis

    Heart Rate Variation: Blood testing - phase contrast and darkfield microscopy. Cardiac, nerve - and stress analysis with neural express. Also including Cholesterol and blood sugar testing . Functional Analysis

  • Published research papers

    Along with his published research papers, his work has also been included in the Academic Reference Book "Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare", "Who's Who in Science and Technology" and "Who's Who in America", "Who's Who in the World", "Leading Scientists of the World 2008 "and" Leading Educators of the World 2008


Founded by Michael & his wife Anna.

Michael & Anna wanted to create a space where they could control the ingredients & processes used in the herbal remedies they were prescribing. One site where patients could purchase all of there herbal needs in a safe & regulated way.
Örtspecialisten is now the perfect place to discover a huge range of medical fungi, Amino acids, minerals & much more, at the highest quality. Herbal medicines that help manage pain or target everything from thyroid problems to digestion.


In 1979 Michael started studying herbal and nutritional medicine in Sydney, Australia. He was then a trained psychologist with research as a speciality.

He later received his doctorate from Westminster University in London, where he researched the effect of herbs on the autonomic nervous system, blood circulation, heart function and digestion

In 1986 he moved to Dalarna and worked as a naturopath at Strandgården, Masesgården and Leonardo's.

His book 'natures healing power' has been used as a tool in educating new specialists, a review from Ingemar Ljungqvist said;

''Mic McMullen is one of the immigrants who has enriched our Swedish culture by introducing a wealth of knowledge - not least - those about herbs, which he has acquired in his native Australia. There, the knowledge about herbs and their healing pain is a recognized part within the universities''

Currently he dedicates himself to his patients and his school of phytotherapy where he teaches new students his passion for herbal medicine and blood analysis.

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